Health and Safety Warnings

Read and follow these Health and Safety Warnings and instructions. When you let other people play on your Cybershoes make sure to warn them, let them read these warnings and always supervise them as they are new to the system and cannot assess the danger properly.

Obvious and less obvious dangers:

Besides the obvious danger (very slippery sole of the Cybershoes), there are less obvious dangers preset as well, e.g.: It is possible to fall over with the chair, respectively to fall off the chair. The use of VR can heavily impact sensations or strongly stress the brain. This may lead to very dangerous situations – especially conjunct with Cybershoes. Read and follow all further Health and Safety Warnings and instructions as well. Use Cybershoes at your own risk.

Walking, Standing:

Don’t walk with the shoes around, don’t stand up. The Cybershoes are very slippery and the risk to stumble or slip or fall is very high. Only wear them while being seated. Make sure there are no dangerous objects around you, meaning when you fall you do not fall onto a sharp edge. Clear all space around you. It is possible to lose balance.

Seated use:

Due to the compact size of the mobile stand (diameter 41cm), it is possible to fall over with the chair, especially while being active in VR. It is also possible to fall off the chair.  Do not completely forget yourself and your situation while using Cybershoes. Clear all space around you. When you fall, make sure you fall onto a soft surface.

3rd party bar stools:

Some bar stools come with a very small stand (diameter 38cm). Do not use them. We have tested bar stools with a mid-sized stand (diameter 41cm-45cm) at various conventions and trade shows. They are relatively safe. Out of 4000 users, 3 fell over with the chair. Each time it was a tall and extremely active person.

The barstools that we recommend on our website have a mid-sized stand. We cannot be held responsible for what a vendor sells. Before usage, check if the diameter of the stand is 41cm or more. When following our suggestion on how to modify the bar stool to work better with Cybershoes, you do it at your own risk.

Cybershoes station bar stool aka Cyberchair:

The bar stool included in the Cybershoes Gaming station set does not provide more safety than 3rd party bar stools – but has been optimized and tested for the use with Cybershoes.

Cybershoes Arcade Edition and Cybershoes Business Edition:

The diameter of the steel base is 55cm. This diameter matches the effective diameter of regular office chairs. While it is possible to overturn the chair on purpose (like it is possible to overturn an office chair): this is very unlikely and the carpet ads stability as well. We did not experience this case within extensive user tests. It is possible to fall off the chair.


Keep in mind playing Cybershoes with VR can be very addictive. Take breaks, be responsible for yourself and others. This device is not for children.

Do not use Cybershoes or a bar stool that is damaged or has parts that are loose.