Invitation to Digital Days 2017 #DigitalDays17
University of Vienna Wed 21th (whole day)

Starts at 09:00 hrs


Dear Friends of Cybershoes,

New VR project by 3D.RUN visualizes a model of future project “Smart eFactory” by Factory Hub Vienna at their booth in TechStreet.

The idea of Factory Hub Vienna is to become a home for hardware startups. This unique hub is operated by electronics manufacturer TELE Haase.

3D Model is designed by Philip Gühring in SketchUp. Brough in virtual reality through one mouse click (Enscape a VR plugin for Sketchup and Revit).

Cybershoes® by 3D.RUN – the ultimate solution for walking in Virtual Reality empowers you to experience atmosphere and equipment of future fabric in VR.

Try it for yourself and get more info about this hub on Thursday (Sept 21) at #DigitalDays17


Factory Hub Vienna:



TELE Haase:


See you there,

Sincerely your  Cy team





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