Locate Cybershoes Software on STEAM, install & launch once.

Health and Safety Warnings

Recommended cable management

Spreadsheet of compatible Games

How to use Cybershoes on your Oculus Quest

Step by Step Guide:

[ make sure your Windows 10 PC VR system works via SteamVR ]

  • Locate Cybershoes Software on STEAM, install & launch once.
  • Make sure that both LED are flashing on the receiver if not watch this video (same procedure for Quest and SteamVR versions, just that the black receiver is connected to your PC)
  • Start the software platform that comes with your headset, then Steam
  • Switch on Handcontrollers then start SteamVR (needed for a few games).
  • Open Steam menu inside VR and Click on CYBERSHOES icon
  • Calibrate Shoes and Activate Z-scaling
  • CYBERSHOES>GAMES: Check for compatible steam or oculus game
  • Load game (install REVIVE for oculus games)
  • Read and follow the CYBERSHOES>GAME HINTS in general:
    always set the game to HMD oriented movement if possible.
  • RecRoom and Cyberrunner are suitable free games for a first test.
    Be careful: jumping and climbing stairs/rocks can induce motion sickness.


  • If the troubleshooting tips aren’t helpful, please report the issue along with your STEAMVR system report: dev@cybershoes.io
  • No Cybershoes icon?
    Check USB cable, use another hub
  • Software might be blocked. Please turn on:
    steamVR->settings->startup->ADD-ONS: “sample_treadmill”
    steamVR->settings->startup->OVERLAY APPS: 1x “Cybershoes”
  • Open User Interface
    Cy icon can be hidden under another icon at the same spot.
  • Still No user interface?
    – make sure monitor and VR headset are connected to the same graphics card
    – laptop: go to NVIDIA Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> add Advanced Settings, and force the VR GPU for it.
  • Can’t walk in-game
    For game/headset combinations that have a “YES” in our game table, it is necessary to load a community binding. “OK” is OK. See here:
  • Walking direction is mixed up
    Please check game hints and switch to follow HMD where possible
  • Are you Left-Handed?
    Please watch https://youtu.be/ssqeUzXUlpM and feel free to ask us.
  • No data connection
    If you can’t see the speed values changing like below:
    – check USB cable, use another hub
    – turn on: steamVR->settings->startup->ADDON: “sample_treadmill”
  • Still problems? Please send us your STEAMVR system report.
    dev @ cybershoes . io

Click the image below to see a spreadsheet of tested games and systems