Locate Cybershoes Software on STEAM, install & launch once.

Health and Safety Warnings

Recommended cable management

Spreadsheet of compatible Games

How to use Cybershoes on your Oculus Quest

Step by Step Guide:

[ make sure your Windows 10 PC VR system works via SteamVR ]

  • Locate Cybershoes Software on STEAM, install & launch once.
  • Make sure that both LED are flashing on the receiver if not watch this video
  • Start the software platform that comes with your headset, then Steam
  • Switch on Handcontrollers then start SteamVR (needed for a few games).
  • Open Steam menu inside VR and Click on CYBERSHOES icon
  • Calibrate Shoes and Activate Z-scaling
  • CYBERSHOES>GAMES: Check for compatible steam or oculus game
  • Load game (install REVIVE for oculus games)
  • Read and follow the CYBERSHOES>GAME HINTS in general:
    always set the game to HMD oriented movement if possible.
  • RecRoom and Cyberrunner are suitable free games for a first test.
    Be careful: jumping and climbing stairs/rocks can induce motion sickness.


  • No Cybershoes icon?
    Check USB cable, use another hub
  • Software might be blocked. Please turn on:
    steamVR->settings->startup->ADD-ONS: “sample_treadmill”
    steamVR->settings->startup->OVERLAY APPS: 1x “Cybershoes”
  • Open User Interface
    Cy icon can be hidden under another icon at the same spot.
  • Still No user interface?
    – make sure monitor and VR headset are connected to the same graphics card
    – laptop: go to NVIDIA Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> add Advanced Settings, and force the VR GPU for it.
  • Can’t walk in-game
    For game/headset combinations that have a “YES” in our game table, it is necessary to load a community binding. “OK” is OK. See here:
  • Walking direction is mixed up
    Please check game hints and switch to follow HMD where possible
  • Are you Left-Handed?
    Please watch https://youtu.be/ssqeUzXUlpM and feel free to ask us.
  • No data connection
    If you can’t see the speed values changing like below:
    – check USB cable, use another hub
    – turn on: steamVR->settings->startup->ADDON: “sample_treadmill”
  • Still problems? Please send us your STEAMVR system report.
    dev @ cybershoes . io

Click the image below to see a spreadsheet of tested games and systems