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Recommended bar stools
Recommended cable management
Health and Safety Warnings

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Install Cybershoes Software and connect receiver
  2. Make sure that both LED are flashing on the receiver
    if not watch this video
  3. Start the software platform that comes with your headset, then Steam
  4. Switch on Handcontrollers then start SteamVR
  5. Open Steam menu inside VR and Click on CYBERSHOES icon
    if you don’t see the user interface or CY icon:
    *make sure you aren’t in safe mode
    *make sure monitor and VR headset are connected to the same graphics card
    *for laptop issues see here
    Verify that receiver status is connected and that shoe value changes upon movement of shoes
    if not: use other USB port, make sure cable is plugged in firmly
  7. Calibrate Shoes and Activate Z-scaling
    Check for compatible steam or oculus game
  9. Load game (install REVIVE for oculus games)
  10. Read and follow the CYBERSHOES>GAME HINTS
    in general: always set game to HMD oriented movement if possible
  12. If you still can’t walk, very likely you need to load a community binding. Please see here:

Click the image below to see a spreadsheet of tested games and systems