Cybershoes for Oculus Quest. Kickstarter coming soon!

Cybershoes for Quest 2

No teleporting. No motion sickness. Cybershoes.

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No worries about the size of your playspace.

Cybershoes for Oculus Quest 2.

SDK available.

Github. Interested developers, please contact dev @ cybershoes . io

In 2018 we’ve conducted a successful Kickstarter. 3000+ Cybershoes for SteamVR have been sold. Now that hardware is out on the market this new campaign will help us to integrate Cybershoes into a wide variety of Oculus Quest games.

“Oculus Quest To Get Its Own Cybershoes”

“These shoes let me stroll through ‘Skyrim,’ and I desperately want to go back”
Digital Trends

“Cyberpals, rest easy. You can now blast your bytecoins at Cybershoes, a new controller for VR games which strap onto your shoes to let you move around in cyberspace by moving your feet.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

It’s a hybrid.

For Quest and SteamVR.