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Cybershoes Gaming Station is the high-end locomotion solution for home that lets you feel like being in the game. See our growing list of supported games and VR setups.

Included Items:
AC adapter
USB cables
Cable Management
Up to 2 gaming stations can be operated next to each other. For arcade use, please select a business product.
Please note: Cybershoes may increase your fitness level.

Ships within a week.

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With a Cybershoes Gaming Station, you have the full setup for stepping into your favorite games! Do we share the same childhood dream to enter the video games? Now we actually can! With Cybershoes on your feet, you are wearing the boots of your favorite game character.
The Cybershoes are strapped directly onto your feet and as you are seated in your Cyberchair, you’re ready to begin your VR journey. The Cybershoes are compatible with many VR games and directly integrated into SteamVR. Download your favorite VR game, turn your Cybershoes on and for the first time, you will finally feel like you’re exploring ancient dwarven ruins or fleeing from a horde of the undead.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 49 × 59 × 29 cm
Power adapter

EU or UK power adapter, US, JP or AU power adapter, business use: up to 10 stations

14 reviews for Cybershoes Gaming Station

  1. Kristin Griffin

    I love my Cybeshoes and must say the chair is very comfortable as well! The carpet is quite good looking it doesn’t ruin the style of my gaming corner. To bad I can’t post some photos 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. VRFan1

    I should mention that my girlfriend tried them and thought the movement weird, again because the walking mechanic is a bit awkward until you get the hang of it. But the good news is that she’s extremely sensitive to motion sickness in VR while moving, sometimes even with teleporting, and she was fine even after walking around for a while. So, Cybershoes are great for anyone with heavy motion sickness problems.

  3. Alex Keable

    Playing Skyrim, Doom or 1st person games with smooth locomotion has never felt so cool. No more motion sickness, just a great experience I would recommend to anyone

    • Michael Bieglmayer

      Thank you Alex!

  4. Liam from Pixel Canvas Studios

    Thanks for sending over the Cybershoes! We are working on VR vs Crowd content so that we create VR booth that allow for VR players to play against the crowd at events. And the shoes are killer for minimizing the space required per station. You guys rock!

  5. Dan Picar

    Team has been amazing. You guys did a really great job. I love my cybershoes.

  6. makoto shindodo


  7. Yuji Sasaki

    Thank you for creating Cybershoes!

  8. Eugene Lin

    Cybershoes really completes the VR experience – it brings natural movement controls to home VR games like nothing else!

  9. Jay J Kay

    Thank you for working hard to make this happen! Please make Defector compatible with my shoes!!

  10. Hannes Pavelsson

    Yes, thanks for pushing VR forward in another direction than the big players.
    Shoes are working as advertised, 3 hours charging is enough for long play sessions. You need some time to get comfy to sitting and walking, but for me was like in second Onward playsession it was natural. really cool, speed up recharging weapons cause can move with my feet and recharge. Can you make some Deathmatch party this week with other Cybershoser on Steam?

  11. James

    Some important notes so far after tinkering for 2 hours:

    -vorpx works well… even directional movement on shoes! This is amazing for immersion.

    -roller movement is key to movement in game. Rollers stop, movement stops immediately

    -build quality is outstanding. As durable as a snow boot.

    -standing and walking is possible (although not intended use case). However the requirement for rollers to be moving constantly means you would need a vr treadmill platform to allow continuous walking in place. Slipping is a real thing so vr treadmill with harness needed for safety.

    Very impressed so far cybershoes team. These things feel like premium tech and work with more precision than i ever thought they would.



  12. Andy Lowndes

    The cybershoes are brilliant, tried them in the forest and they worked perfectly, being able to walk in vr is far more immersive than teleportation, it just feels more natural.
    Big thanks to the Cybershoes team.

  13. Bart

    Does it work with OCULUS QUEST,?

    • Michael Bieglmayer

      Hi, yes it works with Virtual Desktop + Steam VR or with Riftcat + SteamVR.
      You can check the list of Games and features tested to work with Cybershoes and Quest here:

  14. Jakob Lind

    Works just as expected. Simple but genius solution to seated locomotion in VR. Interacts nicely with games via configurable bindings, as long as the game allows analog movement controls it will work. Z-scaling feature is an a added bonus that really helps with playing games when seated.

    • Michael Bieglmayer (verified owner)

      Jacob, thank you so much for your feedback – very much appreciated. Tonight is Saint&Sinners release, we are very excited 🙂

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