Cybershoes B2B – development kit 2

Cybershoes is stable, full valuable CNC milled product made out of super durable plastic that you can stand on. One size fits all! Battery time: 4-6hours. This first batch will be a development kit limited to 10 units.

DK includes:

– Cybershoes (white)
– HAG Capisco Puls chair (black with backrest; without backrest a special price is possible)
– Carpet (Grey, Dia 1400mm)
– Baseplate Steel 4mm (Dia 550 mm)
– Double USB Charger
– Dongle with: speed control, native gamepad support, and motion controller support
– software (interface for HTC motion controller input & gamepad)

In case there would be any issues with the hardware, you’ll get a replacement for free. In case you run into any difficulties we will help you out.

We had 1000 users on 4 major fairs and 6 minor events. You are one of the 10 early adopters worldwide so its important for us to improve Cy’s experience. We put our best effort in the service. That is why the batch must be limited to 10.

Also, we’d like to know how you want to use Cybershoes – so we can eventually prepare for a certain use case or even expand compatibility to certain software/games.

GAMES (currently HTC, Oculus WIP)

– Arizona Sunshine
– Doom VFR
– Fallout 4 VR
– Onward
– Pavlov
– Minecraft through Vivecraft


– Enscape 3D ( Plugin for Revit / Sketchup)
– Robot Studio


– Gamepad (native)
– HTC Motion Controller

This is a preorder! Contact us for shipping date.



Additional information

Weight20 kg