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Cybershoes are a seated experience. Please have a look at our recommended bar stools – or get a Cybershoes Gaming Station which includes the Cyberchair.
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Cybershoes are the high-end locomotion solution for home that lets you feel like being in the game. See our growing list of supported games and VR setups.

Included Items:
Cable Management
Up to 2 Cybershoes can be operated next to each other. For arcade use, please select a business version.
Please note: Cybershoes may increase your fitness level.

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The Cybershoes are compatible with the many VR games and are the first treadmill integrated into SteamVR. You can now step into your games like never before with Cybershoes®, a VR accessory that allows you to literally walk and run through virtual reality. The Cybershoes are strapped directly onto your feet and as you are seated in a swivel bar stool, you’re ready to begin your VR journey. Download your favorite VR game, turn your Cybershoes on and for the first time, you will finally feel like you’re exploring ancient dwarven ruins or fleeing from a horde of the undead. A pair of Cybershoes® comes with a dedicated wireless receiver. The receiver connects via USB to your PC. Cybershoes® use radio frequency, not Bluetooth, for stability and performance.  3 hours of charging (Micro USB) give you 8-10 hours playtime.

Cybershoes Technology

You can use your Cybershoes with your these VR Headsets:

HTC Vive, HTC Wireless adapter, HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Pro Eyes, HTC Vive Focus with Riftcat, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest with Virtual Desktop or Link cable, Pimax, all Windows Mixed Reality Headsets: Samsung Odyssey+, Acer WMR, Lenovo WMR, Dell Visor, Medion WMR

Activity Tracking: Users can now track their physical activity while using the Cybershoes and determine the distance of their virtual journeys.
Steam VR: Thanks to the new treadmill support software from Valve, Cybershoes now integrates optimally with SteamVR for a more immersive experience. Download software from Steam and step into VR.
More Uses Beyond Gaming; The Cybershoes benefits go beyond gaming as it can be employed in training and planning for industrial facilities, physical rehab programs for the elderly, and architecture and construction previews.


Easy Setup + 360 degrees freedom: The calibration and linking to your VR rig is simple and getting ready to play is as easy as sitting in your 360 degrees Cyberchair and strapping on the Cybershoes to your feet.
No more VR Sickness: While the users’ legs are moving and their head is bouncing in the movement that resembles real walking, Cybershoes can significantly reduce motion sickness.
Z-Scaling: The seated position makes it impossible to pick up things from the ground. That’s why we came up with Z-scaling. Then you can actually reach the virtual ground and fully duck when needed. Plus: the eye-height can be calibrated on the fly.
Fitness – Active Gaming: Burn Calories by playing your favorite games. A low stress and impact experience allows you to exercise while you play.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 80 × 50 × 10 cm
Power adapter

EU or UK power adapter, US, JP or AU power adapter

10 reviews for Cybershoes + Cybercarpet

  1. Ian Parker

    I really think that I’ll use them extensively on supported games. It really adds the extra immersion of walking around, together with near wireless experience, no room scale bounds and being seated. For me, it’s a step forward in VR accessibility and immersion.

  2. Alex Keable

    after a few few teething problems and getting A+ support from the CyberShoes Team I was off to a great start. playing Skyrim, Doom or 1st person games with smooth locomotion has never felt so cool, no more motion sickness just a great experience, would recommend to anyone, even better using wireless headset (such as Quest and Virtual Desktop or ALVR)
    If you are wondering whether or not to take the plunge do it, so much cheaper then other locomotion peripherals. Well done CYBERSHOES !!!!!!

  3. Chris Davis

    Overall, I’m fairly impressed. I feel that I received my money’s worth, as the additional immersion is well worth it.

  4. Matthew S.

    Thanks for making me a beta tester of the Cybershoes! You brought back the nostalgic feeling I had when I got my first VR headset and have increased my hype for more immersion in VR and virtual content. I have been so disappointed with other VR Movement hardware like Cyberith Virtualizer VR Treadmill, Omni VR Treadmill, PocketStrafe VR Locomotion Android app, and expensive solutions. You bring an ease of use solution that has restored my confidence in VR movement immersion and has brought out my inner enthusiast. Kudos to you for your innovation. Please keep me involved with this growing VR community. You are the best!

  5. Hirosusan


  6. Michael Burley

    Ihr bringt VR voran!! Weiter so

  7. Kelly Jordan

    Do I run additional software? Do the shoes work like keyboard input or joystick, or both?

    • Andreas

      Hi Kelly, Cybershoes are natively integrated into the Steam Platform.
      You can find our install driver here:

  8. Hellcannon

    Is there a way to use the Cybershoes in Asgards Wrath without Revive?
    I am running into heavy performance issues because of Revive and since i own an Oculus Rift, i am hoping there is a way to play Asgards Wrath without Revive while using the Cybershoes.

    • Michael Bieglmayer

      No, all Oculus store games need Revive to work. Hopefully you can tweak the video settings to find an acceptable result. What GPU are you using?

      • Hellcannon

        Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 6GB
        Intel I5-9400F 2,9GHz
        16GB DDR4
        I found a setting that works for me. 🙂 I am having a blast playing with the cybershoes! Thank you for your great support!

  9. Klaus

    Does it work with Oculus Quest?

    • Michael Bieglmayer

      Works great with RiftCat and 5G router!

  10. VR man (youtube)

    Great device at an affordable price! I finally got “freedom.” Headache off! I have no desire to share with others what I recently ate. Of course, there are a few drawbacks to this device (if you actively run the calibration goes astray, there is no fastening of the bow of the leg), but these are minor disadvantages.
    Whatch result on my channel:

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