“a way that makes you feel like you’re experiencing VR for the very first time… Cybershoes take that VR experience to a brand new level and ought to be part of any retailer’s virtual demo.”


“Cybershoes is a must-have VR accessory…The Cybershoes is an affordable yet innovative piece of VR accessory that is worn on your feet. When you do so, you can literally walk, run or flee through virtual reality, making the most of the experience”



” It’s a cool concept that works as advertised, and the shoes slip on very easily…It’s like a VR treadmill without the treadmill”



“This was the most immersive experience I’ve had with VR so far, thanks to the physical effects of actually using my legs and raising my pulse. We got to play Arizona Sunshine with the Cybershoes on, and oh boy was that intense! There’s nothing like actually moving your feet frantically to run away from zombies craving human flesh!”

“Take a walk on the wild side of VR with Cybershoes. An immersive VR locomotion solution that ditches the omnidirectional treadmill design in favor of a swivel chair.”


“Cybershoes look at VR’s potential”


The Cybershoes also have usage beyond that of gaming, allowing them to be employed in training and planning for industrial facilities, physical rehab programs for the elderly, and architecture and construction previews.”





“Los Cybershoes son una opción para andar en los juegos virtuale”




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