The year 2016

It was summer 2016 and very hot in our garage. Michael was tired of getting in and out of the harness. Coupling the harness to the support frame was a nuisance. Even worse, getting up and walking the few steps from the computer to the treadmill really sucked. He put a mat under his chair and started programming the Arduino while testing the system at the same time. Interestingly it felt very easygoing and the form of the shoes already supported a smooth walking movement. Not being hocked to the treadmill made him feel free. The idea was born.

We’ve applied for the second patent: sitting&walking with Cybershoes and we’ve described the Cybershoes how they look and work today

and ordered a CNC Miling machine:

and milled the first prototype.

Year 2017 Going Public

In April 2017 we presented the first Cybershoes® prototype at the 4GAMECHANGER festival in Vienna (Austria).
After this convention, we realized we are on the right path. People loved it!!! Let’s walk in VR.

Once upon a time, the shoes were white…

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