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“What I love most about the project: to see how people are having fun, when trying Cybershoes for the fist time. Hey guys and girls, help that this fun never stops. Support our Kickstarter towards a grand success, secure your special perks now” Michael said.

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June 12th Cybershoes creators, Michael and Igor, arrived with their ground breaking VR accessory, Cybershoes, to a frenzy of E3 exhibitions and consumers congesting every inch of the convention floor. With huge heavy weights like Bethesda and Sony taking up the largest portions of the floor, one might have thought gaining attention from consumers and media would be impossible. However, Cybershoes not only received positive feedback from future customers, but also major publications such as PCWorld, Coolest Gadgets, VR Scout, Dealerscope, VR Focus, Gizmodo and many more! Their booth was packed from start to finish every day.

Listen to what industry reporters had to say:
“This was the most immersive experience I’ve had with VR so far…” – Lizzy Nyanko, Honey’s Anime
“a way that makes you feel like you’re experiencing VR for the very first time… Cybershoes take that VR experience to a brand new level and ought to be part of any retailer’s virtual demo.” – Rob Stott, Dealerscope
“Cybershoes is a must-have VR accessory…The Cybershoes is an affordable yet innovative piece of VR accessory that is worn on your feet.” – Edwin Kee, Coolest Gadgets

Igor and Michael finish their very successful E3 convention with nearly one thousands additional new customers now following Cybershoes’ journey to launch Fall of this year on Kickstarter. To receive a discount on Cybershoes and be notified about the release date, submit your email on their homepage, here:

See what PC World had to say:

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