How to use Cybershoes on your Quest

Currently, you have 2 options:

  • Stream SteamVR via the Oculus Link Cable
    ✅ Easy setup.
    ✅ Good quality of video signal.
    ❌ Recommended >cable management< is needed.
    ❌ Same games not supported (compatibility like the Rift S)

  • Stream SteamVR wirelessly with Virtual Desktop
    More games compatible with Cybershoes
    You are free. No cable issues to disturb your experience.
    Lower Cost: 802.11ac WIFI router + Virtual Desktop app.
    ❌ Video signal has compression artifacts on detail-rich surfaces when in motion.

>How to install Steam, SteamVR and Cybershoes<

Stream SteamVR via Oculus Link Cable

Purchase the original Oculus 5m / 16ft Link Cable on the >Oculus store<.
If you’re wondering about the price of 79.- it’s made of glass fibers to achieve the extra length.
Once the Quest is physically connected, the Quest can be used equivalently to a Rift S.
Also, this applies when wondering which games are compatible with Cybershoes.
See this link for our recommendations on >cable management<.

Stream SteamVR wirelessly to the Quest

Use the 5G bands of a WIFI router that has 802.11ac standard.
Sideload Virtual Desktop to your Quest (you need to activate developer mode).

Once you’re done with the setup, it’s the most convenient thing ever. Also, this empowers the use of your PC from the Quest plus gives you access to the Sidequest universe which is also really cool.


  • Reserve about 2 hours, you’ll need to download the heavy software packages from Oculus, Steam, and SteamVR.

  • Use a WIFI router ( >amazon link< ) that has the 802.11ac standard.
    Wire up ( >amazon link< ) the WAN port of the router with your internet modem.
    Wire up one LAN port of the router with your PC. This speeds up the data rate.
    Connect your Quest using the 5G WIFI network.

  • Purchase Virtual Desktop on your Quest
  • Install the free >Virtual Desktop Streamer App< on your PC and
  • enter there on the PC your Oculus account user name

  • Install >Sidequest< on your PC
  • Connect your Quest with the PC via USB 2.0 or 3.0 cable
  • Follow their guide to activate DEVELOPER MODE on your QUEST
  • Sideload (=update) Virtual Desktop using Sidequest
  • >Video Guide by Tyco Tech<

  • Start Virtual Desktop from inside the Quest
  • Connect with your PC from inside Virtual Desktop.
    If you can’t find the PC: make sure the WAN port of the router is connected with the internet, the LAN port of the router with the PC, and that the Quest is in the same WIFI network as the router.
    Now you can already take full control of your PC.
  • Start Steam VR
  • Exit SteamVR and install Cybershoes from Steam
  • Don’t forget to connect the Cybershoes receiver to the PC!
  • RecRoom and Cyberrunner are suitable free games for a first test.
    Be careful: jumping and climbing stairs/rocks can induce motion sickness.


  • No Cybershoes icon?
    Connect the receiver to PC. Check USB cable, use another hub. Check if both LEDs on the recevcier are flashing.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cy-icon_-1.jpg
  • Software might be blocked. Please turn on:
    steamVR->settings->startup->ADD-ONS: “sample_treadmill”
    steamVR->settings->startup->OVERLAY APPS: 1x “Cybershoes”
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is manage-add-ons-1024x132.jpg
  • Open User Interface
    Cy icon can be hidden under another icon at the same spot.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Cy_unser-incerface-1024x188.jpg
  • Can’t walk in-game
    For game/headset combinations that have a “YES” in our game table, it is necessary to load a community binding. “OK” means no further action needed. See here:
  • Walking direction is mixed up
    Please check game hints and switch to follow HMD where possible
  • Are you Left-Handed?
    Please watch and feel free to ask us.
  • No data connection
    If you can’t see the speed values changing like below:
    – check USB cable, use another hub
    – turn on: steamVR->settings->startup->ADDON: “sample_treadmill”
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  • Still problems? Please send us your STEAMVR system report.
    dev @ cybershoes . io
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Click the image below to see a spreadsheet of tested games and systems

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