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Benefit from a way more immersive VR experience using Cybershoes


The high-end locomotion solution for a home that lets you feel like being in an arcade





Steam Games for VR (via the touchpad of motion controller)
HTC Vive native via Steam Platform
Oculus Rift via Steam Platform
* Pimax VR via Steam Platform
Microsoft Mixed Reality via Steam Platform


Gaming: When immersion matters. Feel free to walk, run, strafe and jump. Fallout VR, Doom VFR, Arizona Sunshine, VRChat, Minecraft-Vivecraft
Industrial facilities: training and planning
Medical use: elder(wo)men’s home, beautiful rehab
Events, Presentation, Architecture, Travel

The Cybershoes® is a surplus to advanced VR systems.

The user puts the Cybershoes® over her/his shoes and takes place on a comfortable seat with lean and armrest. The seat can rotate around its axis. All movements made by the user are transferred into the virtual reality headset. While walking, the user is halfway seated, what makes the Cybershoes® comfortable and secure. The walking movement is very intuitive and the virtual space is not limited by real space.

When it comes to locomotion, current VR systems rely on handheld controllers that are used like a joystick. Users can only walk within a space that is limited by

real-world space. When the user wants to proceed further, the joystick is needed for teleportation or for being moved forwards. This form of locomotion is not life-like. Thus many people experience VR-nausea that is caused by the unnatural behavior of the image projected in the VR glasses.

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